It’s Not The Length Of Your PSU Cable That Matters; Sorry To Crimp Your Style

Source: The FPS Review It’s Not The Length Of Your PSU Cable That Matters; Sorry To Crimp Your Style

Another Case Of Quality Over Quantity

There has been a lot of conversations on the podcast about the effect that longer cables, especially modular ones, will have on the stability of your system due to the higher cumulative resistance you will see.  While haven’t gone out an picked up long and short cables to compare voltages on a PSU in the recent past, The FPS Review certainly did.  They took a 2018 Corsair RM750x paired with Corsair’s Type 4 modular cables in both long and short form, and started testing away to see if the voltages differed in any meaningful way.

They did not.

Their findings are similar to ones we have discussed in the past, it is the quality of the connectors and crimping which will have the greatest effect on resistance, hence our occasional negative comments about fully modular PSUs.  They are great for cable management but there is a trade off.

However, one of the questions that still hits my inbox more than a few times a month even though things have gotten easier is; how does this change in cable length affect the voltage regulation?

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