Microsoft Will Offer Three Types Of e By 2020

Source: The Inquirer Microsoft Will Offer Three Types Of e By 2020

This Seems Like The Exact Opposite Of Simplifying

As of mid-January, techs in large corporations are going to find themselves providing simultaneous support for three version of Microsoft browsers as the Chromium version of Edge is scheduled to arrive on the 15th.  This will be somewhat of a compatibility nightmare as you are gifted with a whole new browser while you continue to support teams with apps on IE regardless of what Microsoft might have said, and are still trying to coax other applications to run on Edge.

If you have been focusing on moving your applications to Chrome then you are going to be a step ahead of the crowd as the browser becomes available on Win7, Win10 and even MacOS.  There will still be some new tricks such as Microsoft Search in Bing, which has enough access to your companies infrastructure to let you search for coworkers and their location, among other things which makes it sound like it has access to search your GAL.

Last, but not least is the actual symbol for the browser and how to get users to click on the right one.  The Inquirer is among many whom feel that it looks far more like a c than an e, and calling it Edge Chromium is not much help either!

MICROSOFT HAS ANNOUNCED that its Chromium-based Edge browser, complete with its confusing new logo, will officially launch on 15 January.

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