Montech’s New mATX Case Is A High Flyer

Source: TechPowerUp Montech’s New mATX Case Is A High Flyer

Small Case, Small Price

Montech is a well known brand in Asia, only recently have you started to see their products in North America which makes their mATX/mITX Flyer enclosure interesting enough to take a peek at.  Measuring 370 x 220 x 380mm (14.6 x 8.7 x 15″) it is rather small but still large enough to contain up to seven 120mm fans, with a radiator installable in several locations, a CPU cooler of up to 160mm and a graphics card up to 330mm in length.  As it is currently on sale for $45 on Newegg it is an attractive choice for those looking to set up a SFF system on a budget.

TechPowerUp took a deep look to see if that price was achieved by removing useful features or if it really is a good deal, check out what they thought here.

The Montech Flyer mATX chassis clocks in at around an affordable $50, but offers two fans, RGB with built-in control, AIO liquid cooling capabilities, and a shiny and clean paint job. Could this be the perfect starter chassis or does the low price mean corners were cut?

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