PC Perspective Podcast #563 – i9-9900KS, GTX 1660 SUPER, AMD Q3 Results

Join us this week for a special Halloween Edition of the podcast, featuring our review of the new i9-9900KS, the surprisingly powerful GTX 1660 SUPER, a great sounding Sennheiser headphone from Drop, a look at AMD’s latest financial results, and more!

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  1. 1832vin

    i’ll be honest, i don’t know how much viewership dropped since the people left, but i’d like to leave a few opinions of the podcast, in hopes that it’ll improve, cause i really liked this podcast.

    1. there’s no banter, in-jokes or anything left in this show anymore… the biggest fun with podcasts like like when you’re just listening to a bunch of your mates talking, but the recent podcasts felt more job like than anything, and listening the podcast, does not give me energy, because it feels like i’m at the office rather than the pub. maybe it requires a few more new people, or maybe it takes a few pub sessions for the members, but there’s no chemistry right now, everything feels so professional, and not fun.

    2. the podcasts are way too long right now for the amount of content. This could have easily been a 30 min episode with the topics being so shallow, the only one i didn’t skip was the quarter earnings, but alot of it just felt too long without adding anymore new info

    3. The show lacks expertises right now. One thing that i enjoyed alot from the podcast before was that i feel like i was with a few of my nerdy friends, i felt like i was learning something because when josh talks about fabs or racing wheels, he goes into so much more depth than the written articles on it’s implications, etc… and alan was the storage guy, etc. I know that there’s currently a case guy, audio guy, but it’s either not talked with enough passion/ energy because maybe they’re not personally invested in the things they are reviewing, or maybe it’s because cases and audio just can’t go that deep, because it’s not as complex as silicon fab or storage solutions


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