The World Needs More Case Manufacturers And Sharkhan Is There To Help

Source: TechPowerUp The World Needs More Case Manufacturers And Sharkhan Is There To Help

Still Kind Of Miss The Sharkoon

Sharkhan is a newcomer to the case market, with the X500 being the first of their products that TechPowerUp have reviewed.  At $80 for an RGB enabled, tempered glass sporting metal and plastic enclosure, they are up against some experienced competition.  The initial peek looks good, with three 120mm fans installed in the front and another in the back, with space for three 120mm or two 140mm fans or the equivalent radiator as well as a pair of 120mm or equivalent on the bottom.

There are some design choices TechPowerUp were less than impressed about, from a bottom screen you need to tip the case over to access to as well as break out style covers for expansion cards that detracted from the overall design.  Check out the full review to see if there were enough saving graces to garner a recommendation, or if the X500 is only an interesting but not effective first model from Sharkhan.

You may not have heard of Sharkhan before, but the brand is currently establishing itself in the US market, and we get to put the X500, their first case, through our review process to see how it holds up against the fairly crowded mainstream market.

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