Trend Micro Employee Took The Fable Of The Pyromaniac Firefighter A Little Too Seriously

Source: The Inquirer Trend Micro Employee Took The Fable Of The Pyromaniac Firefighter A Little Too Seriously

Trend Micro Employee Sold Names, Emails, Support Ticket Numbers And Phone Numbers

The headline pretty much says it all, 68,000 customers of Trend Micro are now receiving phishing and spam calls thanks to the nefarious deeds of a single employee, now an ex-employee.  The Inquirer linked to the official blog post, which does not mention the suspected persons name but as they pointed out, if the company has enough evidence to dismiss someone over this it is likely there is enough evidence to initiate legal action as well.

There is not much you can do at this point if you are one of the affected users, however the advice Trend Micro gives in the post applies not only to this incident but to all major companies; they will not call you out of the blue, they will reach out through official channels first.  As we approach tax season once again (hurrah) this is important advice to remember.  Your countries tax collectors won’t be phoning you out of the blue, nor will they ask for payments in gift cards.

The company issued an apology in a blog post clunkily titled "Trend Micro Discloses Insider Threat Impacting Some of its Consumer Customers" - weird how it talks about the company as if it were a third party, but okay.

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