Valve Teases Half-Life Alyx: Announcement Coming 11/21

Source: Ars Technica Valve Teases Half-Life Alyx: Announcement Coming 11/21

The Next Half-Life Will Be A VR Game

It’s been 12 years since the launch of The Orange Box, which brought the last stand-alone sequel to Half-Life 2 (Half-Life: Episode 2), and after all this time and some cancelled projects along the way, Valve is preparing for a Thursday (11/21/19) announcement of Half-Life: Alyx, a new flagship VR title for the franchise.

Via Ars Technica:

“This is, in fact, the oft-teased “VR game” mentioned by Valve over the past few years and the one we had been told to expect by the end of 2019. Today’s leak includes a revised release window of March 2020, which our sources indicate is likely—but also subject to change due to the phenomenon that fans call “Valve Time.”

Today’s announcement has confirmed a hard truth: Valve’s game development teams still cannot count to three. In HLA’s case, it’s because this is a prequel, not a sequel. And it’s a full single-player campaign of brand-new VR content, though our sources can’t confirm how long the game will actually take to beat.

The game’s name confirms what has been loudly rumored for months: that you will play this game from the perspective of Alyx Vance, a character introduced in 2004’s Half-Life 2. Instead of stepping forward in time, HLA will rewind to the period between the first two mainline Half-Life games.”

This will also be Valve’s first game built entirely using the Source 2 engine, which ” is capable of rendering highly complex and well detailed scenes with minimal framerate drops, thanks to its new 64-bit support alongside Vulkan, allowing for better multi-core rendering and more efficient 3D rendering,” according to Valve.

We await more details from Valve’s official announcement later this week.

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  1. Sebastian Peak

    Half life: ALYX, not to be confused with Half-Life: ALLYN, a VR storage experience.

  2. WhiteZero

    Can’t wait for this. I’ve had a Rift for 2.5 years now, mostly just play Beat Saber and some occasional Pavlov. Still glad I got one for $400, but having a big Half-Life game will be amazing.


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