Crucial X8, A Different Take On Portable NVMe

Source: TechPowerUp Crucial X8, A Different Take On Portable NVMe

A Good Deal On A 1TB NVMe Drive, Portable Or Not

Earlier this month we had a chance to see the ASUS U32 20G SuperSpeed USB Portable NVMe case, which makes impressive use of the new USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 standard.  As it came without a drive inside it, the expected price will be $40 or so once it is released.  Crucial have taken a different approach with their X8 Portable NVMe drive as it comes with a 1TB Crucial P1 inside, a pretty decent deal for $130 in total.   The drive uses the USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, peaking at 10 Gbps transfer speeds which is slower than the ASUS, but is it fast enough for you?

Check out TechPowerUp’s full review to find out.

Crucial's X8 portable SSD offers amazing performance with up to 1 GB/s transfer rates. Internally, this is a real M.2 NVMe SSD similar to the Crucial P1. Priced at only $130 for the reviewed 1 TB variant, the X8 is very affordable, cheaper than buying the SSD and enclosure separately.

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