Honey, I Shrunk My AMD Ryzen Sequoia SoC

Source: Hackaday Honey, I Shrunk My AMD Ryzen Sequoia SoC

Meet AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000

It feels like it has been a very long time since you were able to purchase an AMD SoC, apart from gaming consoles but finally we are able to pick up a mini AMD powered system from a variety of vendors.  There are industrial models and passively cooled options but it is likely the Simply NUC which you will be most interested in.  You can choose between the 25W Sequoia v8 or the 15W Sequoia v6, both of which are powered by current generation Ryzen chips.  The V8 offers a Ryzen Embedded VV1807B, with a top frequency of 3.35GHz and is paired with Vega 11 graphics, the V6’s V1605B hits 3.2GHz with Vega 8 graphics, both with an M.2 SATA SSD and starting with 4GB DDR4 with upgrade options available.

The small size does cost you a bit, the least expensive model that Hackaday found was around $500, but that is par for the course in this specific market.

The demand for high performance computing isn’t limited to servers or desktop PCs. Embedded customers want access to small form factor PCs that can support open software standards, demanding workloads at the edge, and even display 4K content, all with embedded processors that have a planned availability of 10 years.

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