How Can The PC Only Launch Of Mechwarrior 5 Suffer From Consolitis?

Source: Ars Technica How Can The PC Only Launch Of Mechwarrior 5 Suffer From Consolitis?

Who Needs A HOTAS To Enjoy Piloting A Mech And Has Two Thumbs?

To be fair, your joystick will work with Mechwarrior 5, you just need to spend quite a bit of time setting it up and may well find yourself editing INI files to change controls not listed on the settings page.  The tutorial won’t care much, and will continue to encourage you to use the default keys so you might want to make a cheat sheet, or something along these lines, so you know which button is which.  If you do get stuck, Ars Technica specifically congratulates Piranha for quick and comprehensive replies to their inquiries in their review.

As for gameplay, they have managed to capture the feel of the old games and you really do feel like you are piloting several dozen tonnes of heavy metal, which is not something other mech games have executed well in the long years since the release of Mechwarrior 4.  You will be able to stomp through buildings and the terrain is pretty as long as you don’t look too closely and spot the repetition apparent after a while.  The radar and several other features have niggling issues which a patch or three should fix; you can read about what stuck out in this review and the ones below.

You will have fun playing it, if this is your sort of entertainment.


I wanted to change this so that the analog rocker turned my mech suit's legs, not the torso, but after running into settings-menu confusion, I had to get clearer instructions from the folks at Piranha Games—which required manually editing an .INI file.

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  1. willmore

    Maybe they were aiming for Intel integrated graphics?

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      willmore wins today!

  2. Gunbuster

    Looking forward to some $120 mech packs.

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