Imagine Snapdragons, Three Of Them In Fact

Source: The Register Imagine Snapdragons, Three Of Them In Fact

The Snapdragon 865, 765  And 765G

The G is for Gaming according to Qualcomm and not 5G, since all three parts are already full of it.  The 865 is expected to be matched with the  Snapdragon X55 5G modem with QTM525 mmWave and radio frequency electronics, supposedly capable of peaking at up to 7.5Gbps download and will show up first in the Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone.  

As for the 765/765G, you will find s Snapdragon X52 5G modem and is claimed to be able to reach 3.7Gbps download.  These chips will support 4K HDR capture, run on Qualcomm’s fifth-generation AI engine, and sports a graphics system which Qualcomm is suggesting should match the performance of a current generation console.  We should hear more from The Register and other attendees of the briefing in Hawaii later today.

These three parts have a focus on 5G connectivity, AI acceleration, and gaming – Qualcomm wants to offer "desktop-level" performance with these mobile system-on-chips. The US giant's president Cristiano Amon, speaking on stage at the summit's keynote this morning, estimated 1.4 billion 5G smartphones will ship by 2022, hence its eagerness to provide the 5G modems in those devices.

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