Intel’s Call For Fairness And Dignity

Source: The Inquirer Intel’s Call For Fairness And Dignity

We Have Always Been At War With Qualcomm

As strange as it may seem, we now live in a world in which Intel claims Qualcomm single-handedly managed to drive them out of the modem market with anti-competitive behaviour.  Intel believes they should have prospered due to the fact they “invested billions, hired thousands, acquired two companies and built innovative world-class products“, while completely ignoring the fact that iPhone 7’s with Intel modems were significantly inferior to those with Qualcomm inside not to mention a glaring lack of 5G.   Intel also neglected to mention the billions of dollars in fines they have had to pay in the last decade after being found guilty of the behaviour they are accusing Qualcomm of, in several different cases

That there are hard feelings between these two companies is not new information;, Apple, Qualcomm and Intel have been legally at each others throats over modems for a while now, though things settled down a bit once Intel sold their modem business to Apple for $1 billion.  That may sound like a lot, but doesn’t even cover the $1.4 billion Intel spent to acquire Infineon, let alone the other investments they made to get into the market.  Intel did indeed spent a large amount of money on their mobile business, that fact is not in question, and Qualcomm certainly has it’s own set of legal issues when it comes to anti-competitive behaviour, but suggesting that is the only reason Intel’s move into the mobile business failed seems more than a bit petty.

"But when all was said and done, Intel could not overcome the artificial and insurmountable barriers to fair competition created by Qualcomm's scheme and was forced to exit the market this year."

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  1. JohnGR

    “That may sound like a lot, but doesn’t even cover the $1.4 billion Intel spent to acquire Infineon”

    They didn’t acquired Infineon, just their mobile division.

    Anyway Intel is still using anticompetitive tactics in the x86 market. Not only their past, but also their present does NOT give them the right to accuse anyone else for anticompetitive tactics.


    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      fair point … it was just a piece of the pie.


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