Logic Supply Has A New Name And A New System – OnLogic’s Karbon 700

Source: Phoronix Logic Supply Has A New Name And A New System – OnLogic’s Karbon 700

Passive Cooling, Not Passive Development

The name may have changed but the design quality has not, as OnLogic reveals their passively cooled Karbon 700 PC.  Inside you can find a Intel Coffee Lake processor ranging from the Celeron G4900T through to the Xeon E-2124G or Xeon-E2176 and just about anything in between, with dual NVMe M.2 drives and dual SATA drives, with options for WiFi, Bluetooth or even 4G LTE wireless, not to mention wired connectivity.

This passively cooled rugged featured cowboy of a machine could be armed with a NVIDIA Quadro P1000 or GTX 1660 Ti but in this case Phoronix tested a sytsem with no GPU, however the 3.9GHz Xeon E-2278GEL puts out enough heat to make it rather impressive that the average operating temperature during heavy benchmarks was a mere 51C.  If you are looking for a strong, silent system then this review is worth a look.

OnLogic recently sent over the Karbon 700 and it's been working out very well even with passively cooling an Intel Xeon eight-core / sixteen-thread processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB NVMe storage, and more."

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