Never Fear For Antec The Dark Avenger Is Here

Source: Modders-Inc Never Fear For Antec The Dark Avenger Is Here

They Are On The Case!

Why Antec would choose the name DA601 Dark Avenger for a case festooned with RGBs is a different mystery to be resolved, but be assured that this case has the ARGBs to satisfy you.  At 480 x 220 x 500mm (18.9 x 8.7 x 19.7″) you will be able to squeeze even an E-ATX motherboard in this interesting looking beastie, with up to a 400mm long GPU and a cooler of 160mm in height to attach to your motherboard.  For cooling you can attach up to three 120mm fans in the front, and top, or swap in two 140mm on the top if you prefer, and a single 120mm fan can be found on the back; all of these are situated so similarly sized radiators can be installed. 

You can’t see from the picture but there is a tempered glass side panel which allowed Modders-Inc to show off all the other colourful components they installed, as you can see for yourself if you are interested in a $120 case with some unique looks.

If you have seen my Thermaltake Level 20 review you will know that I am new to the RGB/Gaming arena. Typically, I go for the cases that say hey, I'm here, but no one knows (like High School) but Modders Inc has opened my eyes to all the customization possibilities that come …

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