NVIDIA released two graphics drivers today: one for gamers, and one for content creators.

The NVIDIA GeForce 441.66 graphics drivers are listed as Game Ready for Tuesday’s release of Mechwarrior 5 as well as Thursday’s release of Detroit: Become Human for the PC. The Studio drivers are timed to Autodesk Arnold 6 and Autodesk Maya 2020, as well as Unreal Engine 4.24. NVIDIA points out that both Arnold and Maya 2020 contain RTX enhancements, as well as how to enable them.

A handful of bugs were also fixed in this release. Davinci Resolve would crash when playing back a clip that’s encoded with Blackmagic RAW CODEC. Forza Motorsport 7 would stutter over time. Fallout 76 would drop frames when G-SYNC was enabled. A couple more, minor, GPU-specific issues were also fixed in this release.

You can download the new drivers (GeForce or Studio) from NVIDIA’s website.