PC Perspective Mailbag #61 – Possibly Better Than a Lump of Coal

We’re back with our Q&A Mailbag series. To ask a question for a future episode, leave a comment on this article, at the video over on YouTube, or in our Discord community.


  • 01:21 – What is/was “that piece” of computer hardware that you kept in your system until driver support ended or it finally went to silicon heaven, and why?

  • 02:43 – What do you think of “high” frame rate live video/movies? I still wish it would happen and people would stop being so stubborn about it because they’re “weirded out” by it because of the standards we’ve had for so long. I want our displays and our content to be windows, damnit!

  • 04:52 – I bought a Ryzen 7 1700X and X370 motherboard when they were first released partially because of the promised upgrade path. AMD has really delivered on AM4 upgrades. Recently MicroCenter had the 2700x for $130, but I missed the sale. My question – do you think the 8-core Ryzen 3000 parts will be similarly discounted next year? Is a discount less likely because Zen 2 is TSMC 7 nm instead of a less popular GloFo 12 nm for Zen+? A cheap 2700x is tempting, but if the 3000-series prices come down next year I may hold out rather than doing multiple upgrades. I primarily game, but next year’s Xbox and PS5 may be faster than the 1700X which could increase requirements for future games.

  • 07:26 – Was Intel’s 7400-series Xeons a response to the mult-icore AMD Opterons in the multi-CPU multi-core enterprise space?

  • 09:21 – Can you guys recommend a cheap-but-good RAM kit (or several) for Ryzen 3000?

  • 11:45 – I’m spec’ing out a Mini-ITX build for gaming (no streaming, Plex, etc.) and looking at either the 9600K or 9700K. The latter has 2 more cores, and a slightly higher boost clock (though a slightly slower base clock if that matters). Other than the 2 core difference (and minor boost clock difference), is there anything that makes the 9700K faster than the 9600K? Maybe put another way: is there anything about an i7 chip that makes it inherently faster than an i5, once you factor out the clocks and cores?

  • 13:38 – When companies send you processor review samples, like the 10980XE, do you have to return them?

  • 14:47 – Jim, as a Lebanese gentleman, what are your favourite Lebanese foods?


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