Pirates Secure Plundervolt On The Waters Of Skylake

Source: The Register Pirates Secure Plundervolt On The Waters Of Skylake

Somewhat Like Using VDroop As An Attack

If you’ve never heard of Intel Software Guard Extensions then there is good chance you can happily ignore Pludervolt, but for those with servers that make use of it you will want to keep an eye on this page for the patch.  Thankfully you would need privileged access to the operating system and BIOS to make use of the vulnerability, though amusingly that is exactly the sort of thing SGX is supposed to ensure can’t happen.  However, if someone does manage it they can manipulate a voltage regulator located on separate chip on Skylake and newer Intel processors to corrupt the results of certain instructions. 

You can check out more details of Intel’s BIOS patch to resolve this over at The Register, thankfully there is no mention of the ability to increase voltage beyond spec which really would be worrying.

Intel on Tuesday plans to release 11 security advisories, including a microcode firmware update to patch a vulnerability in its Software Guard Extensions (SGX) on recent Core microprocessors that allows a privileged attacker to corrupt SGX enclave computations.

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