Resistance Is Futile, Your IoT Standards Will Be Absorbed

Source: The Register Resistance Is Futile, Your IoT Standards Will Be Absorbed

This Will Of Course Mean You Have To Toss Out Your Old Kit

For better or worse, the various companies which have been battling for supremacy have come to a finale which does not leave a clear victor, instead we will see a conglomeration of the various standards merge into something new.  Google’s Thread and Weave protocols will be blended with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit and even Dotdot from Zigbee into a new standard which will work the same across all devices.  This is not their choice but is instead driven by the companies which sell smart home appliances who are no longer willing to accept the current hodgepodge of existing incompatible devices.  Interestingly, Intel is staying out of this for now.

The Register includes some quotes from some of those companies, which focus on the financial benefits but do not mention security.  One can hope someone will take the opportunity this merging offers to improve the abysmal state that is IoT security.

It means you can buy an Amazon Alexa and a Google Nest thermostat and have them work seamlessly together, rather than the current sorry state of affairs where you’re never quite sure what will happen.

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  1. thezfunk

    I don’t see Z-Wave mentioned. I invested in that and I sure hope it doesn’t get left behind.


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