Snapdragon XR2 May Power The Next Generation Of VR Goggles

Source: Slashdot Snapdragon XR2 May Power The Next Generation Of VR Goggles

So Long Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm continues to announce interesting new products at their Hawaiian retreat, with the XR2 being the newest in an impressive list of updated kit.  This specific piece of silicon is aimed at VR headsets and is claimed to have the power to provide 3K x 3K displays at 90Hz, which is a huge jump from the repurposed Snapdragon 835 found in current stand-alone headsets like the Oculus Quest, Vive Focus, and HoloLens 2.  It is not just the resolution that has been improved, the current generation is capable of handling input from four separate cameras while the XR2 will support up to seven, a boon not just for positional tracking but also for AR goggles.

For the lower end of the VR market the XR1 will continue to be available, while the XR 2 takes over the high end of the stand-alone headset market.  Don’t worry about connectivity as Slashdot assures us the XR2 will have 5G, though you may have to add the RGBs after purchase.

Qualcomm today announced Snapdragon XR2 5G, its latest chipset platform dedicated to the needs of standalone VR and AR headsets. The new platform is aimed at high-end devices with support for 3K x 3K displays at 90Hz, along with integrated 5G, accelerated AI processing, and up to seven simultaneous camera feeds for user and environment tracking.

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