Something Old, Something New; Both In Intel’s Shade of Blue

Source: The Inquirer Something Old, Something New; Both In Intel’s Shade of Blue

Comet Lake-S Rumours And Haswell Lives Again

It is true, Intel has revived the two core, two thread, 3.2GHz Pentium G3420 processor built on a venerable 22nm process.  While no specific reason was given, The Inquirer likely has it right and the continued existence of this Haswell chip is owed to the need for supply in lower end OEM builds which Intel is struggling to meet with their current generation of chips.  It does not seem to be coming back for overclockers to enjoy as the highest overclock present on HWBot is 3.5GHz, though perhaps this next batch of chips might offer higher overhead.

As for the new family of chips the rumour has it that Comet Lake-S may be available come next May.   We know these will remain on Intel’s rather mature 14nm process and are expected to be an improved version of their current line of chips as opposed to something revolutionary.  The Inquirer expects a top core count of 10 on the i9 series, with lower amounts for i7 through i3 processors.  It will be interesting to see if the evolution of Intel’s architecture can challenge Ryzen’s current performance lead; be it in May or later in the year.


INTEL CHIP FANS, keep April 2020 free in your calendar, as that's when the chipmaker could release its next-gen Comet Lake-S processors.

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