V-Color PRISM II RGB DDR4 Brings Pastels To Your PC

Source: TechPowerUp V-Color PRISM II RGB DDR4 Brings Pastels To Your PC

Do You Refuse To Diffuse

Now that every single piece of PC kit has been fully infected with RGBs, short of the power cord between your PSU and mains power; what is a company to do to stand out in the market?  V-Color thinks they have the answer, adding a diffuser to the RGBs on their to provide a pastel glow.  If you can stand the 80’s look the specifications are not too bad, a dual channel 16GB of DDR4-3600 @  18-22-22-42 will fit nicely on a Ryzen system or an Intel Core based one if that is your preference.

TechPowerUp tried both manually overclocking as well as using the DRAM Calculator for Ryzen and hit some impressive frequencies before the system became unstable.  Currently selling for around $90 it is worth taking a look at, especially if you like wearing shoes without socks and humming Jan Hammer songs.

With a polished silver heat spreader and a pastel RGB LED diffuser that is available in seven different colors, the PRISM II RGB kit from V-Color certainly has flair. This premium kit has the perfect sweet spot for Ryzen performance with a 3600 MHz XMP profile and is affordably priced to boot.

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