SuperData, which is a division of Nielsen, claims that VR hardware sales should reach $2.1 billion USD by the end of this year (which is up 31% from 2018). The group attributes this increase to the Oculus Quest for consumers, and the continued rise in enterprise adoption of VR technology. This is above and beyond the rise of augmented-reality (AR) and mixed-reality (MR) solutions.

XR, which is a short way of saying AR, VR, and MR, is expected to sell $8.5 billion USD in 2020.

Android Central adds to the conversation by pointing out that both the Oculus Quest as well as the Valve Index are difficult to find in stock. The Steam page is nothing but “Notify Me” buttons for the Valve Index. You can find some sources that will sell an Oculus Quest, but it might take a few extra days to arrive and you might not have the choice between 64 GB and 128 GB.

It will be interesting to watch the launch of Half Life: Alyx. Will it struggle because of hardware shortages? Or will the established market of older VR headsets give it enough of an install base to break some sales records? Also, how long will it take for a second wave of VR games to arrive if it does prove successful?