Windows 7 Complains “I’m Not Dead Yet!”

Source: The Inquirer Windows 7 Complains “I’m Not Dead Yet!”

You’ll Be Stone Dead In A Moment

Just a friendly reminder that there is exactly one month to go before Win7 goes belly up and you will no longer receive updates unless you are running Windows 7 Pro or Enterprise.  If that is the case then you do have an option to fork over a yearly fee to Microsoft to receive more updates,  $25 for Enterprise and $50 for Pro which doubles in cost for the next two years until the start of 2024 at which point you are done no matter what.

Windows 8/8.1 is already EOL and it’s extended support ends at the beginning of 2023 if you were considering that as an alternative to Windows 10.  Come this January you will start to see a pop up reminding you to upgrade immediately, and of course will double as a store front to allow you to pay for Windows 10 from the pop up; something which will obviously never be abused by the less ethical denizens of the ‘net.  The Inquirer would like to remind you they were fairly accurate in their predictions back in 2017.

From January, you'll start to get full-screen pop-ups warning you that it's time to upgrade, unless your organisation has paid for Extended Support from Microsoft.

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  1. JohnGR

    I am thinking of people using Intel processors and Windows 10, thinking that their systems are more secure than systems with AMD processors running Windows 7. It’s really funny.


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