1st Power’s Steampunk PS-750SP PSU; Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Source: TechPowerUp 1st Power’s Steampunk PS-750SP PSU; Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

1st Player Is An OEM, Similar to CWT Or Seasonic

Thankfully there is no sign of any boilers or steam vents in the various pictures TechPowerUp took of this 750W PSU, however it is still somewhat unique as the PSU was not built by one of the two companies that are almost always behind any PSU you have purchased.  1st Player made some interesting choices of components, a low cost sleeve bearing fan from Yate Loon, smaller heatsinks and ChengX brand capacitors.  On the other hand the SITI PS223 is a solid choice as it offers proper Over Temperature Protection for your PSU.

The proof is in the steam tray, and the tests show this to be a decent PSU albeit not one that will immediately unseat the competition.  The safety features were solid and it does have a seven year warranty which makes this a decent choice for a low cost system if you can find it for sale.

The name of the line doesn't sound all that nice to my ears, but hopefully, the power supply will perform decently enough for me to forget such a small detail. Today's menu has as its main dish the Steampunk PS-750SP with a maximum capacity of 750 W. This is a fully modular power supply with two efficiency certifications, ETA-A from Cybenetics and 80 PLUS Gold. Cybenetics also gave the PS-750SP its LAMBDA-Standard++ certification for noise output.

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