Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ 2020) begins January 5th at 11:30 am EST. If you have never seen one before, GDQ does 24-hour video streams where people play video games as fast as possible, which involves some combination of world-class skill and abusing funny glitches. They hold two events each year: AGDQ in the winter and SGDQ in the summer. AGDQ usually benefits the Prevent Cancer Foundation. SGDQ usually benefits Doctors Without Borders.

Normally AGDQ is the event that sets records, but the most recent SGDQ set a personal best at $3 million USD. If AGDQ jumps back on top, then it would be another record-breaking event. Anything remotely close to $3 million USD would probably be welcome, though.

The event starts with a two-person race in a PC title: A Hat in Time. Several other PC titles, such as the Myst trilogy, a couple DOOMs, and Untitled Goose Game are present in the schedule. An interesting, albeit console entry is Final Fantasy VIII. It is estimated at just under nine hours, although its timeslot starts at midnight on Wednesday, so it doesn’t dominate prime real estate. There is also a TASBot block on Friday evening that is usually a highlight.

Check out the schedule and let us know in the comments if there’s something that stands out to you.