Take A Peek At The New AoE! Not The Game, The Art Of Electronics X-Chapters

Source: Hackaday Take A Peek At The New AoE! Not The Game, The Art Of Electronics X-Chapters

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The Art of Electronics is an in depth reference manual on a variety of topics in electrical engineering which was first published about 40 years ago and is currently on it’s third edition.  Hackaday recently got their hands on a companion book to the main manual called The X-Chapters, which covers a variety of less common techniques and designs which don’t fit into the main publication.  As the implies, some of these topics offer insight into odd topics but overall remains an incredible source of knowledge, especially for those playing with op-amps or FET designs.

Hackaday were also very impressed with the tables at the end, listing a huge assortment of components which the authors have actually used so the descriptions are a little closer to the reality than a manufacturers  website.  The tables also reference every page in which the component was mentioned, which gives you the ability to learn a lot about unfamiliar components before you start building with them.

For those unfamiliar with it, AoE, first published in 1980, is an unusually useful hybrid of textbook and engineer’s reference, blending just enough theory with liberal doses of practical experience. With its lively tone and informal style, the book has enabled people from many backgrounds to design and implement electronic circuits.

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