ASUS Releases ROG Bezel-Free Kit for Multi-Monitor Setups

Source: ASUS ASUS Releases ROG Bezel-Free Kit for Multi-Monitor Setups

These are not the bezels you are looking for!

First teased at CES 2018, the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit ABF01 is now available. Aimed at gamers with multi-monitor setups (the kit is not recommended for general computer usage like office work or casual browsing), the kit comes in a pack of two 90% transparent PET and film strips with ABS plastic and rubber clips on each end to secure them between two monitors. The strips have optical microstructures that refract light and bend it inward to help camouflage the bezels between two monitors.

The kit is designed to work with frameless or thin bezel (up to 13mm) monitors up to 27” that also have flat surfaces (no rounded back or bulging front bottom bezels) for the best fit. The kit works best when the monitors are placed at 130° angles otherwise the bezels will not be fully hidden. If your monitors are sitting on stands this should not be an issue, but if they are attached to a desk or wall mount via arms you may not be able to achieve the optimal angle.

ASUS Releases ROG Bezel-Free Kit for Multi-Monitor Setups - Displays 2

The bezel-free kit hides the bezels by bending light, but it does not solve the problem completely. The strips are only 90% transparent resulting in a dimmer section between displays, but ideally less distracting than two bezels between displays when gaming. (According to ASUS, reducing the dimming effect would require using glass lenses that are too fragile for mass production.)

It is a novel idea, but it does come at a steep price of $109 for a set of two making it only suitable for the most anti-bezel multi-monitor gamers. It will be interesting to see how the bezel camouflage holds up to reviews.

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  1. collie man

    There are 32-9 curved monitors now, this product is pointless.


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