Augmented Reality And Assisted Vision In a Contact Lens

Source: Slashdot Augmented Reality And Assisted Vision In a Contact Lens

Not Quite A Bionic Eye But Certainly Nifty

Mojo Vision have developed a prototype contact lens with a built in display to give your eyes that old AR treatment.  They are designed to be far more unobtrusive than Google Glass or Microsoft’s HoloLens, as the battery and brains are contained separately and the contact lenses are charged wirelessly.  One of the uses of the Mojo Lens that they foresee is to help those with limited vision, as the contact lenses could project solid lines on objects around you, helping those with vision problems.

That is not the end of the applications of course, it can display easily read text information and they are working on a zoom function as well as eye tracking.  A member of the IEEE got to look through them at CES and was impressed with the demo he saw, as the vision assistance was good enough to help recognize facial expressions, not just that it was a face he was seeing.

They will have to figure out a good off switch, otherwise you will still see the content with your eyes closed, which could be a bit upsetting for many.


Steve Sinclair, senior vice president of product and marketing, says the first application will likely be for people with low vision -- providing real-time edge detection and dropping crisp lines around objects. Other applications include translating languages in real time, tagging faces, and providing emotional cues.

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