Captain? DeepCool’s 360X AIO Cooler For The Threadripper 3990X

Source: Kitguru Captain?  DeepCool’s 360X AIO Cooler For The Threadripper 3990X

I’m The Captain Now!  Sailing The High C’s With Thirdripper

The new Threadripper 3990X comes with a hefty 280W TDP which requires a serious cooling solution to tame the extra large chip.  DeepCool designed the Captain 360X AiO cooler with that in mind, but still retained support for the new Ryzen chips as well as modern Intel processors as well.  Kitguru were left with mixed feelings after finishing the review, as while the cooler itself has an attractive design which modders and enthusiasts will love, the thermal performance was rather lackluster and this cooler is in the middle of the pack when it comes to performance.

Not all hope is lost, the radiator and fans are the same as Deepcool’s Castle 240EX cooler which vastly outperformed the new Captain 360X.  The differences are the mounting points, four for the Castle but only two for the Captain as well as the pump.  This may mean a new version will arrive which incorporates these beneficial features some time in the future.

With the flagship Threadripper 3990X processor set for release next month, the struggle will be highlighted even more as the 64 core SKU comes in with its 280W TDP.

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