CES 2020: A Quick Look At Lian Li

Source: Lian Li CES 2020: A Quick Look At Lian Li

Three Cases And A Strimer

Lian Li has revamped several of their popular lines for 2020, including the one accessory all RGB dependant people need.  Starting with the largest and working our way down starts us with the LANCOOL II MESH, a redesign of the LANCOOL II which improves the thermal performance without sacrificing the look of the case.  Lian Li has removed all of the solid panelling and replaced them with mesh, to allow far better airflow through the case, this includes even the internal shrouds for your PSU which will also be appreciated by those who invested in an RGB infested PSU.

CES 2020: A Quick Look At Lian Li - Shows and Expos 1

The LANCOOL 315 is a new offering from Lian Li and, in a way, is a testbed with optional enclosure.  As you can see in the picture, the motherboard tray including daughtercard slots and backplate slide completely out of the back of the case, allowing you to assemble your system without needing to get elbows deep in the actual enclosure.  It follows a similar design aesthetic with the previous Mesh, offering airflow through traditionally solid parts of the case.  You might want to consider installing fans to provide positive pressure within the case to truly take advantage of the cooling design, not to mention keeping random particulates out of your case.

CES 2020: A Quick Look At Lian Li - Shows and Expos 2

The last of Lian Li’s cases is the O11D MINI, a revamp of the popular O11D DYNAMIC case with a modular design to let you change the layout to accommodate a Mini-ITX, Micro ATX, or ATX motherboard.  That ability to move parts of the case around means you can also customize your cooling to the size of motherboard you chose.  A Mini-ITX build will let you install a trio of 280mm radiators or equivalent fans while a Micro ATX build has room for a single 280 mm and a 240mm radiator, or fans.  A full ATX sized board will let you squeeze in a pair of 240mm radiators, though at that point you may struggle a bit while installing components, as this case struts it’s stuff as a home for a SFF build; not that you can’t chose that route if you prefer.

CES 2020: A Quick Look At Lian Li - Shows and Expos 3

To wrap up our look at Lian Li at CES is an update to the most colourful ATX power connector on the planet.  The STRIMER PLUS features a total of 120 LEDs housed in a silicon shield and is a must have for those who worship at the RGB altar.

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