Cancel A Digital Preorder? Not On My Watch You Nintendon’t

Source: Slashdot Cancel A Digital Preorder?  Not On My Watch You Nintendon’t

That’ll Learn You To Preorder!

The EU just joined the US in allowing Nintendo to refuse to refund digital pre-order of their products.  The Norwegian Consumer Council launched a case against Nintendo in 2018 about this practice, citing it goes against the EU’s Consumer Rights Directive but the ruling today upholds that right.  Currently Nintendo’s policy is that any order, be it for an existing or unreleased product such as a Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch or even a game is ineligible for any type of refund if the customer cancels the order.

This is not just unique to the US and now EU, it is a unique policy among all the gaming console companies as the competition will offer you at least a pittance, if not a full refund.  This even includes Atari, though perhaps not the Atari VCS which is still supposed to arrive in March.

Think before you click ‘Order Now’.

According to Norwegian gaming site PressFire, the consumer authorities of Norway and Germany sued Nintendo for not letting users cancel digital preorders purchased from the eShop. The case went to court at the end of last year. This week, the court ruled in favor of Nintendo, meaning it can continue the practice for now. PressFire reports that the German consumer authority has appealed the ruling.

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