EVGA’s New And Improved Z10 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Source: TechPowerUp EVGA’s New And Improved Z10 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

They’ve Added Sliders, Upgraded The LCD Screen And More

The original EVGA Z10 gaming keyboard was a moderately priced mechanical keyboard which used Kailh switches and sported red LED backlighting and has been discontinued in favour of a new version.  The new Z10 RGB adds green and blue to the backlighting while retaining the choice between Kailh Brown or Blue switches and a detachable wrist rest for those who desire one.  The RGBs can be controlled via the EVGA Unleash RGB software, as well as the slider located at the upper left of the board, a volume slider sits at the right. 

The integrated display is now able to be set up to show a variety of information above and beyond the keyboard layout and the two USB ports will be appreciated by those with a lot of extra peripherals to plug in.  TechPowerUp did feel that the price might be a little high for the current market, especially as EVGA opted for common ABS keycaps, though they did include a keycap removal tool to make it easier to switch those out.

EVGA updates their first foray into the PC keyboard market with RGB backlighting and a new software driver. The Z10 RGB offers everything but the kitchen sink, with a larger-than-full-size form factor to incorporate an LCD display, plenty of additional buttons for functionality, sliders, spare USB ports, and more!

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  1. razor512

    I wish the review focused more on the features of the LCD display. For the past few years, I have been looking for an upgrade from my Logitech G510, and this has been the closest so far, though the lack of macro keys is an issue.

    My ideal keyboard would be a mechanical key version of the Logitech G510.

    While I can make due with less than 18 macro keys, I can’t make due with just 6, and annoying modifier keys is not a good alternative, as the purpose of a macro, is to have quick access to a complex function.
    I like being able to bind macro keys to specific functions in image and video editors, as well as to favorite websites while in a web browser. As well as occasionally in some games, e.g., binding them to server commands for certain games.

    Overall, I am still in search of a mechanical keyboard equivalent of the G510 that will offer the following 2 LCD screen pages.

    • razor512

      Forgot to mention, why are the viewing angles so poor in such a new keyboard?
      The one I have now is using far older technology.

      e.g., https://i.imgur.com/IOFln9p.mp4


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