HiFi BlueTooth Headphones? HiFiMAN’s ANANDA-BT

Source: TechPowerUp HiFi BlueTooth Headphones? HiFiMAN’s ANANDA-BT

These BlueTooth Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphones Are (A) Grand

The ANANDA-BT headset is not fooling around, the Qualcomm CSR8675 chipset supports HiFi codecs, such as Apt-X, Apt-X HD, and LDAC HWA, while audio is physically produced by a NEO NsD diaphragm based driver.  One does not tend to expect 103 dB/mW from a wireless headphone,  but at this price it seems reasonable to demand high end specifications.   The headset comes with a hard shell carrying case and a removable mic of acceptable quality.  The headset is charged via a USB-C connector, which can also be used to change this to a wired headset if so desired.

If you are looking for very high quality audio which can be used wirelessly, TechPowerUp’s review of this unique product is worth keeping your ears open for.


Today, we take a look at the brand new Bluetooth-enabled ANANDA-BT headphones from HiFiMAN. These headphones support all the Hi-Fi protocols over Bluetooth. Priced at $999, the ANANDA-BT is one of the most expensive Bluetooth headphones around.

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