How To Improve Your Radeon RX 5600 XT In A Flash

Source: Guru of 3D How To Improve Your Radeon RX 5600 XT In A Flash

Flashing Can Be Dangerous; In Public Or Privately!

Once upon a time flashing your BIOS would often make you break out in a nervous sweat and you should remember this before attempting anything in this post; you have been warned so proceed at your own risk.  There was a time when you put a mask over the EPROM and flashed a high powered UV light to modify a chip, from there we went to booting off of the most minimalist disk we could make; ah the memories of hardware devices back in the day which let you physically add a second BIOS chip and physically switch between them.  (link forthcoming when I can find my old one)

Now most hardware has dual BIOS built in, however you cannot allow that to make you lazy!  If you do feel like attempting to flash the BIOS of your RX 5600 XT you can check out this guide from Guru of 3D.  BEFORE YOU DO … verify both of your GPU’s BIOS work!  Do a cold boot from one, shut down and switch over and cold boot with that BIOS as well.  You should use a tool like GPU-Z to verify both BIOS are the same version, or at least the versions you want to have; then and only then consider flashing one BIOS to the new version and test fully and completely.  Flashing the other BIOS is a bit dangerous and more than a bit silly, but you do you.

Enjoy the free performance boost if you so dare.

With quite a bit of consternation on AMD's Radeon RX 5600 XT release we figured it would be a good time to talk you through the process of flashing new firmware into a Radeon graphics card. We'll provide you the guidance and the tools to do so.

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