Intel Has Problems, But Earning More Than $20 Billion Ain’t One!

Source: The Register Intel Has Problems, But Earning More Than $20 Billion Ain’t One!

Intel’s Fourth Quarter Earnings Blast Past Expectations

It is hard to say Intel is in deep trouble when they brought in $20.2bn in revenue for the Q4 2019, and $72bn over the entire year though it does leave one wondering how much they would have made if their supply kept up with demand.  The analysts have also been left pondering what is going on as they predicted $19.23bn and $70.98bn respectively.  

Intel Has Problems, But Earning More Than $20 Billion Ain't One! - General Tech 1

As part of the announcement we learned that we should be seeing nine different 10nm products this year and that yields have been better than expected.  That doesn’t mean that the current process node will be discontinued any time soon, we can expect to see the majority of chips remain as they are this year … assuming you can find them for sale.  

Obviously the PC market is still dead.

Faced with questions from analysts on Intel's earnings call about the company's long-delayed 10nm chips, Swan offered reassurance. "We're ramping 10nm the second half of the year and we're investing in 7nm," he said, claiming Intel will have nine new products this year based on 10nm technology.

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  1. Frank A

    Amazing earnings, but Intel’s series of layoffs in ’20 says a lot for how much confidence they have for the long haul.


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