CES 2020: InWin Reveals the Diéy Signature Chassis – And it Must Be Seen to Be Believed

Source: InWin CES 2020: InWin Reveals the Diéy Signature Chassis – And it Must Be Seen to Be Believed

InWin’s 10th Signature Edition Chassis

I remember my first visit to InWin at CES back in 2016, when I was blown away with the most impressive booth I saw that year. InWin’s designs are legendary, and there is always that one signature design each year that just has to be seen to be believed.

When I first saw the H-Tower transforming enclosure in action I thought they would never top it. Well, for their 10th Signature Chassis InWin has gone so far beyond what we might think of as a computer enclosure that I struggle to even describe it. I somehow missed last year’s Yǒng (Chrysalis) and 2018’s WINBOT, and this new enclosure has a bit of both in its DNA.

“Inspired by the previous Signature Edition, Yǒng (“Chrysalis”), the new Diéy (“Butterfly”) entices you to experience its transformation. The inner PC hardware is shrouded by 80 Ocean Blue scales. Each scale features ARGB lighting that provides an exciting 360-degree view and there are four dazzling lightshows preinstalled.

Hanging Diéy on its stand allows the built-in projector to create a light show that reacts to the rhythm of music, making it a perfect complement for social events whether for business or at home. Diéy incorporates a built-in AI that promotes natural interactions through facial detection, voice and hand gesture control. Multiple voice assistant services are supported, allowing users to opt for their preferred ecosystem.

To access the internal PC chassis, simply raise Diéy’s wings. It supports up to E-ATX motherboards, possesses eight expansion slots, mounts up to 360mm radiators and includes the latest USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connectivity. By using a layered, scale covering over an open central cavern, it provides excellent thermal results as any component heat can easily escape the system.”

CES 2020: InWin Reveals the Diéy Signature Chassis - And it Must Be Seen to Be Believed - Cases and Cooling 2

Features from InWin:

  • Robotic Sphered Structure Shrouded in ARGB Scales
  • Supports Multiple Virtual Assistants
  • Possesses Virtual Assistant Offline Function
  • Enhance the Visuals with Built-In Projector
  • An Array of ARGB Lighting on Each Scale
  • Dual-Purpose System for PC and Entertainment

InWin’s video overview of this unique Diéy signature design is embedded below:

And while this is a work of art first and foremost, it is a full-tower computer enclosure, too, with support for up to 12 x 13-inch E-ATX motherboards, space for up to four 3.5 or 2.5-inch hard drives, and more of the usual specs from InWin’s more conventional enclosure designs. As to pricing and availability, that was not mentioned in the press release (available here).

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  1. BigTed

    Nice, but does it have a 5 1/4″ drive bay for Josh?

  2. frozengerbil@yahoo.com

    That is really cool! I’ll take 30 Diey please! Oh wait, you mean that I have to pay for it??

    But seriously… I am guessing the price will be at least $7000 USD, eclipsing their $5500 Z-Tower by a huge margin. Your mention of H-Tower reminds me that the motor used in H-Tower was notoriously underpowered and people who bought it often have huge problems with the H-Tower’s mechanized arms properly opening and closing if their build was heavier (e.g. dual GPUs could cause the case to not properly open and close). If you pay for a PC case (case only and not a complete gaming PC build) that costs $7000 or $8000 and the Diey’s electric motor fails after InWin’s very stingy 2-year warranty expires, your only option is to permanently remove all those acrylic panels so you can still access the interior, which was what some H-Tower owners had to do after their H-Tower motor died.

    Diey is innovative and it is great for generating publicity at trade shows. But unless you are a millionaire, it is a huge amount of money for the sake of online bragging rights. But I know many PC builders carry thousands of dollars in credit card debt just so they can brag.


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