J.Flex From Jenax, A Better Bendable Battery

Source: IEEE J.Flex From Jenax, A Better Bendable Battery

Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me

A challenge when developing folding electronics, especially for clothing, is how to hide an inflexible power source from view and keep it safe at the same time.  Samsung and Lenovo are releasing devices with foldable screens and it seems that someone who could develop a power source which can fold with the screen stands to make a fair amount of money and we now know of a company doing just that.  Jenax’s J.Fold is not a new rapper, but is a battery which can be bent or folded without destroying it or even impacting its performance. 

They are Li-ion Polymer based and according to what the IEEE was told, can be as thin as 0.5 millimeters and range in size from 20x20mm up to 200x200mm.   The J.Flex can provide between 3-4.25V volts with capacity ranging from 10 milliampere-hours to 5 ampere-hours, and after 1,000 charge-discharge cycles should still hold about 90% of that. 

Pop by for a look at the various shapes and sizes which are available

Yet these are precisely the words the company Jenax in South Korea wants you to use when talking about its batteries. The Busan-based firm has spent the past few years developing J.Flex, an advanced lithium-ion battery that is ultra-thin, flexible, and rechargeable.

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