Rivet Networks, maker of the Killer line of networking products, announced during CES this week that its Killer Intelligence Engine is being updated with new “AI capabilities” in an effort to improve device Wi-Fi connectivity.

Killer Intelligence Engine, which works with the company’s branded networking components found in laptops and motherboards, already attempts to optimize a device’s network connection by monitoring network health, performance, and device compatibility. It will now also use AI-based processing to optionally switch Wi-Fi access points based on signal strength and network speed.

When dealing with a single network that has multiple access points – such as large networks found in schools and businesses – Killer Intelligence Engine will automatically switch to the best access point for the user, providing some of the benefit found in modern mesh networks in a traditional multi-access-point environment. When dealing with separate networks – such open Wi-Fi hotspots in a public venue – the software will alert the user and offer a 1-click option to switch to the optimal access point.

The company states, as it has with previous updates to its networking software and firmware, that optimizing networking performance is often one of the more difficult challenges that consumers and gamers face. Automating the proper configuration and operation of a device’s networking can “deliver better performance in almost all network environments:”

Having a bad WiFi connection is incredibly frustrating for all PC users and is especially painful for gamers and performance users that require a fast, stable connection. Up until now, users have not had a good way to know they are on the best available connection. Using Artificial Intelligence, the Killer Intelligence Engine is able to significantly improve the users experience by ensuring the user is always connected to the best available access point.

The new automatic access point selection feature is available via an update to the Killer Control Center software package for Windows. The company recommends Windows 10 version 1803 or newer. Use of the software requires a Killer wireless or wired networking device.