Microsoft Windows 7 Is On The Edge Of Death This Week; While Edge Is About To Be Reborn

Source: Slashdot Microsoft Windows 7 Is On The Edge Of Death This Week; While Edge Is About To Be Reborn

According To Various Headlines This Heralds The End Of The PC Forever … Again

This is a big week for Microsoft as Windows 7 hits EoL tomorrow, January 14th, and the very next day sees the beginning of the roll out of the new Chromium powered version of Edge.  The update will happen automatically on Windows 10 Home and Pro versions 1803 and newer, if you are on a domain it will not automatically apply and there will be a tool available for admins to block manual installation.  Among other things this means Chrome extensions will work on Edgium (Chredge?) which will add significantly more utility to the browser once only used to download the browser a user preferred to use.

Along with these changes comes a great deal of hyperbole, from the quote below about the number of machines defaults to Edge which hints at the constant battle admins face trying to constantly revert that default to the browser their organization would prefer to those stating then end of Win7 signifies the death of the desktop.  

One can’t help but wonder what they do for a living that can be handled exclusively by tablet or smartphone?

Last month developers were invited to port their Chrome extensions over to the Microsoft Store, with the company saying that most extensions could be transferred over without any additional work. Edge is the default browser for all 900 million Windows 10 users, so there's obviously an incentive there to port extensions.

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