More Power To The RX 5600 XT Captain! The RTX 2060 Is Dropping It’s Price

Source: TechPowerUp More Power To The RX 5600 XT Captain! The RTX 2060 Is Dropping It’s Price

Watts Up With AMD’s New RX 5600 XT BIOS?

TechPowerUp spotted something interesting with Sapphire’s new RX 5600 XT Pulse GPU; it does not indicate it is an overclocked card but yet the Gaming frequency is 1615 MHz and the Boost is 1750 MHz boost, compared to the CES presentation which stated 1375 MHz gaming and 1560 MHz respectively.  Curious as to how that might have happened they looked deeper into the description and discovered another change, the TGP (Total Gaming Power?) has been increased from 150W to 160W which seems to be the method used to enhance the clock frequencies.

The theory is that this is a response from AMD to NVIDIA’s announcement that they are reducing the cost of RTX 2060 cards down to $299 which is withing $20 of the 5600 XT’s quoted MSRP.   It will be very interesting to see how the cards handle that extra thermal power, as well as how readily available BIOS updates for existing 5600 XT’s which are already on their way to stores for the Jan 21st launch date will be.

Stay tuned for an interesting week coming up.

Confirmation of this comes from the product page of Sapphire's RX 5600 XT Pulse graphics card, which doesn't bear any "OC" marking in either the product name or box art, but yet has an updated specs tab, referencing the new clock speed.

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