CES 2020: NVIDIA and ASUS Announce World’s First 360Hz Monitor

Source: NVIDIA CES 2020: NVIDIA and ASUS Announce World’s First 360Hz Monitor

Introducing the ASUS ROG Swift 360: A 360Hz G-SYNC Display

If you were impressed by the recently-reviewed ROG Swift PG35VQ’s 200Hz refresh rate, you’ll be astonished by the 360Hz panel in the latest ROG Swift monitor. In fact, it’s the first 360Hz gaming monitor ever made, and NVIDIA worked directly with ASUS to develop it.

Is 360Hz necessary? NVIDIA thinks so, pointing out that “at 360Hz, game frames are displayed once every 2.8ms—up to 6X faster than traditional gaming displays and TVs”. The monitor is marketed as an Esports display, targeting competitive gamers – which makes sense considering its apparent ultra-low latency performance potential.

CES 2020: NVIDIA and ASUS Announce World's First 360Hz Monitor - Displays 2

Developed in conjunction with NVIDIA, the ASUS ROG Swift 360 is specifically designed for esports competitions and features a 24.5 inch form factor to keep every pixel of action in the field of view. The ASUS ROG Swift 360 features ASUS’s new sleek ROG finish that feels at home on the grand stage at any esports event as well as:

  • Blistering Fast Refresh Rate: 360Hz delivers crystal clear visuals, extremely low system latency for faster reaction times, and the smoothest motion to keep pros on target
  • Designed for Esports: Play how the pros do and never miss a critical moment with the highest performance 24.5 inch Full HD display
  • Superior Clarity: No distracting tearing, stuttering, flicker, or artifacts with NVIDIA G-SYNC VRR technology
  • Quality Certified by NVIDIA: All G-SYNC certified displays undergo a rigorous validation process and are subjected to 300 image quality tests to ensure they deliver consistent quality and maximum performance

As to specs, right now we know only that it is NVIDIA G-SYNC certified and has a 24.5-inch FHD (1920×1080) panel, though we can probably assume that it is TN. NVIDIA will be demonstrating this new 360Hz display during CES. ASUS states that the ROG Swift 360 “will be available later this year, with pricing to be announced closer to availability”.

You can read the full press release from NVIDIA here.

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