Corsair-owned Origin PC today announced the return of the “BIG O”, the company’s unique device that pairs a custom PC and game console in the same chassis.

Touting the “best of both worlds,” the new 2020 BIG O comes packaged in a Corsair-design mid-tower case (Crystal Series 280X) and offers a full range of custom PC hardware up to a Threadripper 3970X, 64GB of memory, and a GeForce RTX Titan all configured via Origin’s usual methods. For the console side of things, users can currently choose between a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, both of which will be removed from their original cases, liquid-cooled with Corsair’s AIO coolers, and stuffed into the PSU chamber of the case.

origin big o pc console side view

Each BIG O will ship with the appropriate wireless controller to match your console choice. Origin is also offering the ability for buyers to upgrade their console storage drive to a larger hard drive or solid state option at purchase. The system can also be optionally configured with Elgato’s 4K60 Pro HDMI capture card to create an all-in-one game playing and streaming system.

origin big o

The 2020 BIG O is just the latest creation from Origin to combine a console and a PC. The company introduced its first BIG O back in 2010, which paired a custom PC with an Xbox 360 Slim. Last year, the company teased a more ambitious BIG O that packed a high-end PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch all into the same chassis. This ended up primarily as a marketing showcase for the company’s 10-year anniversary, however, and wasn’t made available for regular sale. The new 2020 BIG O, although limited to a single console companion, is at least priced more reasonably and is available to order from Origin’s website right now.

Prices start at about $2,500 and shipping estimates are currently 14-16 business days.