What Do We Know About Intel’s Xe GPU?

Source: TechSpot What Do We Know About Intel’s Xe GPU?

Spreading Xe Rumours

We know Intel will be revealing a discrete graphics card but they have been overly discreet about revealing any specific details.  We know that Raja Koduri moved from AMD’s graphics team to Intel and brought a few people with him to start working on a super secret graphics project which Brain Krzanich revealed that Intel had been working on for a few years now.   At CES 2019 it was announced the card or cards would be released on Intel’s long awaited 10nm node and shortly afterwards it was revealed that they would support Larrabee ray tracing.

The big announcement came last November, that Xe will come in three families, the high-performance models will be called DG2’s, low-power will be DG1’s, and lastly is the obviously favourite child, high-performance compute cards bearing the name Ponte Vecchio.  Since then, thanks to a leak on GitHub we have learned a bit about Intel’s unique execution unit design, and how they are used to build apartments.

TechSpot have gathered together the rumours, speculation, leaks and hints into an article which will give you a decent overview of what to expect when they are finally released.  That date may or may not be related to the license plate Raja tweeted out a while back.

Intel is developing discrete GPUs for gamers, professionals, and servers, and they're all slated for release this year or coming in 2021. Intel's cards will either be the long-awaited saviors of a stagnant market, or they'll underperform and flop miserably (no pressure, Intel PR person reading this).

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  1. castlefox

    I do not expect anything competitive from Intel on the medium to high end for a long while (without Intel losing money to gain market share) but an Intel GPU does get me excite because they seemed to have rather good open source drives and as a Linux nerd I like that a lot.


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