Will Disintegration Be The Cure For The Current Dearth Of Vehicular Shooters?

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Will Disintegration Be The Cure For The Current Dearth Of Vehicular Shooters?

The Return Of Ye Olde FPS Meets RTS Genre

Disintegration is a soon to be released game from V1 Interactive which is in closed beta next week but will be offering a chance for you to try out the open beta on Jan 31st through Feb 1st if you let them know you are interested.  The betas will focus on the multiplayer aspect of the game with Zone Control, aka CTF, and Retrieval mode which has you hunting for objects which you then hide on enemy territory available.  The full game will feature a Collector mode where you harvest the brains of opponents to win, as well as a relatively short single player campaign.

You will be playing as a heavily armed ‘gravcycle’ which lets you jet around the battlefield while giving orders to your ground forces, which consist completely as bots, hence the RTS aspect.  Instead of capturing territory directly you will order your troops while you soar around blasting anything and everything into pieces.

If you are curious what the gameplay looks like, Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have posted a five minute game play video from Gamescon which you can watch here.

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Disintegration’s closed beta will run from 4 pm – 7:59 am (8 am – 11:59 pm PT) on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th. Folks missing out on the closed beta can still check out an open beta from January 31st through February 1st.

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