ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30; Better Than Pearls

Source: The FPS Review ASUS Prime X299 Edition 30; Better Than Pearls

Celebrating Three Decades Of Togetherness

You may not realize this, but ASUS has been making Intel compatible motherboards for longer that Intel has; in 1990 they released the Intel 486 (ISA-486) motherboard whereas Intel’s 420TX arrived on market in 1992; before that it was TTLs all the way down.  To celebrate this relationship ASUS has released the ASUS’ Prime X299 Edition 30, a retooled edition of the ASUS X299 Deluxe II.  They’ve upgraded the cooling to resemble the ASUS Thermal Armor seen on many boards which includes improved VRM cooling as well as integrating their LiveDash OLED screen. 

The motherboard comes with a huge assortment of accessories including a WiFi antenna, Thunderbolt cable, vertical M.2 bracket, RGB extensions for both RGB and addressable RGB headers, fan extension card II power cable, node cable, Q-connector pack, DisplayPort cable, three thermistor cables, a smart control console, and a driver disk of course.  That, plus the anniversary artwork and custom colour job, does drive the price up to $750 so you will need to be a serious collector to want one but if you are then drop by The FPS Review for a look.


When the company was new, ASUS’ engineers managed to create an Intel processor compatible motherboard before Intel themselves had done so and beat Intel and others to market with their design. Intel took notice of this and a relationship began between the two companies.

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