ASUS’s Brings Life To The GTX1650 SUPER

Source: The FPS Review ASUS’s Brings Life To The GTX1650 SUPER

Why Is The GTX 1650 Super?  Here’s A Reason

The GTX 1650 did not receive as warm a welcome as NVIDIA had hoped, with both the low cost of the RX 500-series making them more attractive for 1080p gaming and the large performance delta between the GTX 1650 and the GTX 1660 making it worth saving a bit more money if you prefer to choose NVIDIA.  The GTX 1650 Super helped a bit, offering a noticeable boost in performance while keeping the price well under $200 but it was still not a great choice right out of the box.

Sites soon found that some models of the 1650 Super had a secret weapon, an impressive ability to overclock.  Recently The FPS Review took a look at the ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER O4G GAMING with DirectCU II cooling to see what it could offer at around $190.  The results are impressive, the Boost clock went from 1.725GHz to a sustained in game 2.1GHz, and memory increased from 12GHz to 15GHz.  This had a definite impact on performance, pushing it past the performance of the competition as well as what this GTX 1650 Super offered out of the box. 

You might not be able to crank RDR2 up to maximum at 1080p but you come a lot closer as you can see in the review.

We will overclock the ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1650 SUPER O4G GAMING to the max and see how it competes with the factory overclocked SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 5500 XT 4G OC video card.

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