Guess Who Atari Is Blaming For The Latest VCS Delay

Source: The Register Guess Who Atari Is Blaming For The Latest VCS Delay

Grab A Modelo And Put Your Feet Up For A Spell

That Atari VCS which you foolishly pre-ordered on December 14, 2017 May 30, 2018 for $199, $239, $280 plus a $90, $110 controller for release on Q2 of 2019, end of year 2019 March 2020 has now been delayed, but still might possibly come out some time this year.  This time it isn’t a change in management nor the chip inside; it is being blamed on the novel Corona virus which has thankfully spread through the news far more effectively than it has the population.   It seems the factory which is to make the VCS has been shut down, for most of the manufacturing in China takes place in the north and they have wisely shut down until the virus is at least contained.

This is the least worst of the delays so far as there is no possible reason to risk human life to deliver electronic doohickeys on time, however one can’t help but wonder if these new retro console releases are all somehow cursed.

This time it isn’t because there is a new AMD chip, or because the accessories aren’t ready, or its chief architect has quit claiming he hasn’t been paid for six months. No, this time it is the Wuhan coronavirus.

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  1. Martin

    What a completely insensitive article. You should stick to the forums if you’re going to spout rubbish like this! China is taking the virus outbreak incredibly seriously, with extended holidays and infrastructure lock down. It’s effecting many of our suppliers in China, and while you may think it’s media propaganda it’s killed a lot more people than Atari delaying a bit of hardware.

    • Mark

      So true many manufacturs are experiencing delays due to the outbreak not just atari.

      News outlets are so toxic

    • Dr (doctor) butt

      You got a set of latitude and longitude coordinates to go along with that remark?

    • collie

      This is not the point. The actual offence is from Atari. They have used every excuse available to delay this product they can find. And based on their track record so far, they are probably just using these peoples suffering as a convenient excuse for un-related delays. That’s the nasty part.

  2. Nathan

    This is actually like a real concern though. This time, you can’t be mad at Atari because if their factories are closed for safety reasons, people’s lives are more important than a video game system.

    • Tom

      Yeah, but at this point I don’t even buy anything Atari says anymore because it’s been delay after delay after delay after delay after delay. Also, I pre-ordered the new Razr– and while that phone WAS actually delayed due to high demand, the Corona virus was curiously not a factor. Hmmm….

  3. Anon jones

    This is true stuff. I work for Verizon and we were asked to reject all shipments coming from our most productive factory in Shanghai.

  4. dr (Doctor) butt

    All of the comments are missing the main takeaway.

    This is only the thousandth “explanation” they have provided for a product that hasn’t existed, doesn’t exist, and won’t exist.

    Remember this when it’s 2022 and a gentle breeze outside the “Atari” “headquarters” is provided as an additional explanation.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Bots gotta bot, but thank you for reading what I actually posted about 😉

    • Mark

      I can’t believe there are still so many people out that that thing this is a real product that’s going to actually happen. Is it wishful thinking? Stupidity? or some combination of both?

    • collie

      Yea, but don-chya want it to be real? Like I super want one even tho when I think of it i’ll probably not buy one. Every screen in my home is a pc so it’s completely useless but still I want one, ya know?

  5. SingingCoyote13

    dude they cannot help it that a virus is expanding among the chinese continent !
    this is not a deliberate delay. it is all a coincidence this happens just at this time.

  6. Tom

    Pretty typical of Atari to delay the VCS again, and blame issues on everyone else except themselves.


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