Baldur’s Gate 3, Is That You?

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Baldur’s Gate 3, Is That You?

It Certainly Does Look Divine

The new Baldur’s Gate is getting an official reveal at PAX East very soon but we have a sneak peek thanks to sharp eyes over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.  This edition, which will be full of Illithids, Githyanki and presumably Githzeri was developed by Larian Studios who have developed the various Divinity series and it certainly bears a resemblance to their Divinity: Original Sin series. 

As of now we only have some leaked screenshots, in which the dialogue all seems to be in the past tense for some reason, but they are certainly worth a perk if you are excited about this new game.  Supposedly it will bear a resemblance to AD&D but won’t necessarily follow all the rules, 5e or not, as Larian has decided to drop mechanics they did not feel helped making the game enjoyable.

What does this all mean?  Stay tuned for the reveal which might be happening as you read this.

This Imgur album of screens is doing the rounds (supposedly from a French site, which looks to have hastily pulled them) and I guess they could be fakes but that would be a weird thing to fake so extravagantly then save for hours before the reveal. A weird prank.

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  1. Kent Burgess

    Why did the developers choose to give us Skyrim elves instead of proper looking elves?

    When did the elvish race go from being “wonderous fair to look upon” to lizard folk from your nightmares?

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Those ain’t elves!
      and their best buds ever

      lmao “Seriously, we went from “less edgy githyanki” to “spiritualists who live in the realm of chaos to test their powers of mental and spiritual control to the limit” – that’s a huge improvement.
      So, over time, the designers have found it easier to recast the entire race in his image. Chew on that, Drizzt.”

    • Pholostan

      Githyanki are basically just humans with some psionic powers IIRC. And pretty bad attitude in general and against Mind Flayers in particular as they used to be enslaved by them.

  2. Pholostan

    I watched most of the live-stream and my my, Larian has stepped up a fair bit from Divinity: Original Sin 2! That game already looked fantastic, but this already looks better. Looking forward to this game for sure!


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