BlueKeep Infections Likely At Your Local Hospital

Source: Slashdot BlueKeep Infections Likely At Your Local Hospital

Not The Kind Of Virus You Would Usually Expect In A Hospital

Hospitals dislike updating or changing hardware, and this does make sense as you don’t want your respirator blue-screening while your life depends on it.  Unfortunately this has led to a situation where their systems are incredibly out of date and vulnerable to things far worse than a BSoD. Researchers from security company CyberMDX determined that 44% of all the medical equipment they were able to inspect is vulnerable to BlueKeep including radiology equipment, x-ray and ultrasound devices, anesthesia machines and many more.  If someone was to take advantage of this they could paralyze a hospital and endanger lives.

The balance between reliability and security as difficult as it is important, but using it as an excuse to delay updates indefinitely is putting lives on the line.

One of the key problems for hospitals is that many devices are classed as obsolete: Windows 7, for example, is vulnerable to BlueKeep and no longer supported by Microsoft, but remains common across hospital networks," adds ZDNet. "Any further vulnerabilities uncovered in Windows 7 -- and other out-of-support operating systems -- aren't guaranteed security patches, leaving networks potentially at further risk going forward.

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