The latest European Speedrunner Assembly, ESA Winter 2020, has begun a few hours ago. The twice-annual, 24-hour speedrun charity event started at 10:00 AM EST on Sunday and will finish on Saturday afternoon (give or take). Unlike GamesDoneQuick, they also have a second stream that start on Monday and go until Friday, which gives viewers a bit of choice.

This event benefits Save The Children.

There are a few runs that stand out to me. First, Illusion of Gaia on Wednesday’s Stream One was a game that I rented several times in the 90s, which has a very interesting (and at times disturbing) story. I have played it start to finish, but it’s been long enough that nostalgia kicked in when I saw it on the schedule. Cuphead with the One Gun constraint (also Stream One) could be interesting. A good portion of Tuesday afternoon is blocked out to Final Fantasy V. The event ends with Celeste, Link’s Awakening (2019), and Super Mario Bros.

Also, if you’re a fan of PS1-era JRPGs, then Final Fantasy IX has a dedicated 16-hour timeslot on Thursday’s Stream Two, starting at 3:00 AM. Good luck to the runner, Metako, with that one.